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Summer Camps

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Adventures in Nature – Summer Camps 2017


Half Day Camps – Ages 4 to 8

*sign up for both sessions to make it a full day experience
Costs – $40/member or $50/non-member, if registering for both sessions, pay the full day camp price.

June 13-15

9:00—11:30 Digging into Dirt – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
Prepare to get dirty! We’ll explore all of the life below our feet including; reptiles, amphibians,  spiders, and insects. Learn about how they live and why they are important. We’ll dig through the dirt, make mud pies, and look at these creatures up close.

12:30—3:00 Nature’s Ninjas – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
During the week, campers will learn to master the art of stealth and camouflage.  Sensory activities, animal tracking, and discovering how animals send warning signals will be included.  Games, crafts, and exploration will keep them busy as they learn about nature’s ninjas.

June 20-22

9:00—11:30 Incredible Insects – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
No matter where we go we find insects.  Campers will trek on our trails as they discover and explore a variety of habitats and the small world of bugs and other creepy crawlies.

12:30—3:00 Nature Play – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
We’re all about getting kids outside to run, dig, jump, climb, splash, invent, imagine and play. Campers will catch tadpoles, pick rocks, and create mud pies.  Their imagination is the limit as we have fun playing  games, crafting, and exploring.

August 1-3 

9:00—11:30  Water Wanderin’ – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
What can we do with water?  What does water do for us?  Water is a basic need for all living things.  Campers will explore the many ways that animals and plants use water and explore the aquatic habitats around the preserve.

12:30—3:00 Nature’s Canvas – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
Get creative! Campers will explore the natural world through a variety of arts and crafts projects.  Each day will be spent in a different habitat using materials and gaining inspiration from the things that make each place special.

Full Day Camps – Ages 7 to 10

Costs: $70/member or $85/non-member

July 11 – 13  – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
August 15—17 – THIS CAMP IS FULL!

9:00—3:00 Living in the Wild
Ever wonder what you would do if you got lost in the woods?  This adventure will cover all the basics: fire building, survival kits, shelter building, and orienteering to name a few.  The first rule of wilderness survival is to stay positive—you can survive.  We’ll teach you how.
Due to the popularity of this camp, 2 sessions will be offered.  They will both contain the same content and activities.  Please register for only one session.

August 8 – 10

9:00—3:00 Best of Bubolz
We’ll cram as many of our favorite activities into this week as we possibly can.  We might put our animal detective skills to the test in the fields and forests before gathering supplies to build a cozy fort.  Then we’ll head to the pond to see what life is like underwater.  Whatever you like to do at Bubolz, you’re sure to find it here!

Full Day Camp with Overnight

Costs: $85/member or $100/non-member

July 18—21

9:00—3:00 Ultimate Survival – THIS CAMP IS FULL!
Campers will experience a more advanced version of our Living in the Wild camp.  They will spend time building shelters and learning different ways to safely start fires.  Campers will talk with experts on what to do in survival situations.  At the end of the week they will conclude with an overnight stay, enjoying the starry sky, sounds of the woods, s’mores, and a night hike.

Families are welcome to join us Thursday evening for dinner, a campfire, a tour of shelters, and a night hike. (Early dismissal on Friday at 9am due to Thursday overnight)


  • Campers will have the option to sleep in their shelters pending parental consent.  Tents will be available for sleeping otherwise.
  • There will be both a female and male adult chaperone onsite during the overnight portion of this camp.
  • Males and females will sleep in separate shelters/tents during the overnight portion of this camp.

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